The conference will take place the Molecular Biotechnology Center, a new building of the University of Torino that has been inaugurated in 2006 and is located only minutes from the city center and the main train station (therefore close to most of Torino’s hotels).

By the end of 2010, a new subway line will connect the MBC to Torino’s train stations, city center, and attractions.

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The MBC hosts the School for the Biotechnologies and some excellent molecular biotechnologies research groups. Local facilities include 3 lecture rooms with a seating capacity of 220 places, 2 rooms with a seating capacity of 120 places, 1 room with a seating capacity of 100 places, 2 rooms with a seating capacity of 60 places, and 2 rooms with a seating capacity of 30 places. Every room is equipped with overhead projector, beamer (LCD projector), slides projector, blackboard. Other facilities include 2 computer rooms with 30 and 20 Linux/Windows dual-boot PCs, and a wireless network (WLAN).

The MBC is located 5 minutes walk from three unique museums:

  • Museum of Human Anatomy “Luigi Rolando”
  • Museum of Criminal Anthropology “Cesare Lombroso”
  • Fruit Museum

Each delegate and an accompanying person will have free access at all time to them.

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