best papers nominations


Robustness, Evolvability, and Accessibility in Linear Genetic Programming
Ting Hu, Joshua Payne, Wolfgang Banzhaf, Jason Moore

Examining Mutation Landscapes In Grammar Based Genetic Programming
Eoin Murphy, Michael O’Neill, Anthony Brabazon

ReNCoDe: Regulatory Network Computational Device
Rui Lopes, Ernesto Costa

Evolution of a Brain-Computer Interface Mouse via Genetic Programming
Riccardo Poli, Mathew Salvaris, Caterina Cinel

Parallel Linear Genetic Programming
Carlton Downey, Mengjie Zhang

Designing Pheromone Update Strategies with Strongly Typed Genetic Programming
Jorge Tavares, Francisco Pereira

Novel Loop Structures and the Evolution of Mathematical Algorithms
Mingxu Wan, Thomas Weise, Ke Tang


On Complexity of Optimal Recombination for the Travelling Salesman Problem
Anton Eremeev

Connectedness and Local Search for Bicriteria Knapsack Problems
Arnaud Liefooghe, Luís Paquete, Marco Simões, José R.Figuera

Pareto Local Optima of Multiobjective NK-Landscapes with Correlated Objectives
Sebastien Verel, Arnaud Liefooghe, Laetitia Jourdan, Clarisse Dhaenens


Effect of Using Varying Negative Examples in Transcription Factor Binding Site Predictions
Faisal Rezwan, Yi Sun, Neil Davey, Rod Adams, Mark Robinson, Alistair Rust

A New Evolutionary Gene Regulatory Network Reverse Engineering Tool
Antonella Farinaccio, Leonardo Vanneschi, Paolo Provero, Giancarlo Mauri, Mario Giacobini


Ant-Based Multipath Routing for Wireless Mesh Networks
Laurent Paquereau, Bjarne E. Helvik

Dynamic Routing Exponent Strategies for Ant-based Protocols
Rui Fang, Zequn Huang, Louis Rossi, Chien-Chung Shen

Investigation of Hyper-heuristics for Designing Survivable Virtual Topologies in Optical WDM Networks
Fatma Corut Ergin, Aysegul Yayimli, A. Sima Uyar


Training Neural Networks to Play Backgammon Variants Using Reinforcement Learning
Nikolaos Papahristou and Ioannis Refanidis

Towards Procedural Strategy Game Generation: Evolving Complementary Unit Types
Tobias Mahlmann, Julian Togelius, and Georgios N. Yannakakis

Evolving Behavior Trees for the Mario AI Competition Using Grammatical Evolution
Diego Perez, Miguel Nicolau, Michael O’Neill, Anthony Brabazon


Combining Structural Analysis and Multi-Objective Criteria for Evolutionary Architectural Design
Jonathan Byrne, Michael Fenton, Erik Hemberg, James McDermott, Michael O’Neill, Elizabeth Shotton, Ciaran Nally

SANTIAGO – A Real-time Biological Neural Network Environment for Generative Music Creation
Hernán Kerlleñevich, Pablo Ernesto Riera, Manuel Camilo Eguía

Using Grammatical Evolution to Parameterise Interactive 3D Image Generation
Miguel Nicolau, Dan Costelloe

Modelling human preference in evolutionary art
Aniko Ekart, Divya Sharma, Stayko Chalakov