6th European Graduate Student Workshop on Evolutionary Computation

This is the sixth edition of the European workshop on Evolutionary Computation that focuses on the work of PhD students. evophd is open both to students who are still working on their PhD and to researchers who have completed their work in 2010 or by the dates of the workshops.

The main aims of evophd are (i) to give students feedback on the current state of their thesis and (ii) to give the opportunity to newly finished researchers to present a summary of their PhD work, both to an audience of internationally recognised experts in the field of Evolutionary Computation.
As usual, the workshop also provides students with contacts and professional networking opportunities, which helps them to integrate into the community.

  • For students, the aim of a submission is to get feedback on the current state of their thesis. Submissions will be evaluated by members of a high-quality committee that consists of long running members of the community with the goal to provide in-depth feedback. Students are required to submit a paper that summarizes the research performed and planned as part of their dissertation.
  • For new researchers, the workshop is an opportunity to give broader visibility to their original research by presenting to an audience of internationally recognised EC experts. New researchers are required to submit a paper that summarizes the research performed during their PhD.

Areas of Interest and Contributions

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Any topic that fits in the scope of the 4 conferences (eurogp, evocop, evobio, and evoapplications)
  • Bio-inspired computing, such as evolutionary computing, ant colony optimization, swarm intelligence, and neural networks
  • Local optimisation methods (tabu search, simulated annealing)
  • All flavours of evolutionary computation (genetic programming, evolution strategies, genetic algorithms, memetic algorithms, etc.)
  • Combinatorial optimisation with bio-inspired computing
  • Application of evolutionary computation to real-life problems
  • Hybrid architectures that include bio-inspired components
  • Theory on a relevant area of bio-inspired computing

Publication Details

The number of participants is limited. Accepted papers will be published in a CD with ISSN, that will be disseminated among the participants of the event.

Submission Details

The page limit is 14 A4 pages for students’ submissions and 20 A4 pages for PhD-summary submissions, both in Springer LCNS format.

Submissions should be e-mailed in PDF or gzipped postscript to evophd(at)vanhemert.co.uk.

Important Dates

submission deadline: 21 january 2011
notification to authors: 23 february 2011
camera-ready deadline: 15 march 2011
evo* event: 27-29 april 2011

Programme Chairs

Cecilia Di Chio

Mario Giacobini
University of Torino

Jano Van Hemert
University of Edinburgh
United Kingdom