joint session evobio/eurogp – program evolution for biology and biology for program evolution

Recent research trends in evolutionary computation point out a growing interest in subjects that join genetic programming – the computational method inspired by biological evolution to find computer programs that perform a user-defined task – and computational biology – the field of research that involves the development and application of methods and models to study biological systems. A growing number of contributions are appearing integrating these two fields in many different ways, from the use of genetic programming to solve complex biological problems to the use of new ideas inspired by biology to enrich the genetic programming paradigm. These contributions have found their publication space in numerous journals and conference proceedings specialized in evolutionary computation or in computational biology. Nevertheless, a specific event entirely dedicated to works integrating genetic programming and computational biology is still missing. To fill this gap, an interesting new initiative will be implemented during the 2012 edition of evo*: a joint session between evobio (10th European Conference on Evolutionary Computation, Machine Learning and Data Mining in Computational Biology) and eurogp (15th European Conference on Genetic Programming).

For this special joint session, we encourage submission of papers that cover, among other possible ones, the following topics:

  • applications of genetic programming to problems in computational biology;
  • new biology-inspired models for evolving computer programs.

Papers on these subjects can be submitted either to evobio or to eurogp, and the authors are asked to indicate their intention to submit the article to the joint session by emailing to any of the Program Chairs. A committee formed by the program chairs of the two events will select papers for this special session.

Authors of selected papers that will be presented in this session will be invited to submit extended versions of their work to a planned special issue of the Springer journal Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines.


evobio program chairs

Mario Giacobini
University of Torino, Italy

Leonardo Vanneschi
ISEGI, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
DISCo, Università di Milano-Bicocca, Italyl

William S. Bush
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA

eurogp program chairs

Sara Silva
INESC-ID Lisboa, Portugal

Alberto Moraglio
University of Birmingham, UK


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