poster size, equipment, wi-fi and voltage

Poster Board Sizes

Poster boards are portrait configuration:  120 cm tall by 100 cm wide

Fixing materials will be provided and storage for posters will be available.


Equipment and Wi-Fi

Data projectors (beamers) are available in each conference room.  In addition there are windows-based computers with MS Office and a PDF reader, if you want to bring your presentation on a memory stick.   If you prefer,  you can connect your own laptop via a VGA connector.  If you are a Mac user, remember to bring your adapter (these vary by Mac model!).

Free guest wireless internet access will be available for evo* participants.


Voltage and Adapters

Voltage in Spain is 230v operating at 50 Hz frequency

(North America is 110-120v, and in most European countries it is 220-240v)

Wall sockets accept the two round-pin European style plugs (Plug C EURO or Plug F Schuko).  Power cables from North and South America, the UK, and many parts of Asia will need plug adapters.

Most laptops (and camera/phone chargers) have a voltage adapter which will adapt to the voltage automatically, so you may only need a plug adapter if you don’t normally use a European-style plug.  But please check your equipment as sometimes equipment bought in from North America also needs a voltage converter as well as a plug adapter.  You want to confirm this to avoid equipment damage!