The 1st evo* Technology-Transfer Event

evotransfer is a novel technology-transfer event debuting this year as part of evo* 2012. Evotransfer aims at promoting the establishment of liaisons between the research community on evolutionary computation and industry, in a moment in which the economy is struggling to emerge from a crisis, and entrepreneurs are beginning again to look for opportunities to invest in solutions that may increase their competitiveness.
EvoTransfer will bring an audience of potential industrial partners from all over Europe in front of evo* researchers that have valuable techniques and knowledge to contribute to the solution of real-world problems arising in all areas of business and industry.
Participating researchers will have a chance to showcase their expertise in solving real-world problems with evolutionary algorithms, and interested industrial participants will have the possibility of illustrating problems arising in their business, for which a solution is wanted.


The format of the event will be completely different from the typical format of an academic workshop. The attendees will belong to two categories: technology “providers” and technology “users”.
Technology providers are academic or industrial researchers that belong to the evolutionary computation community, who have gained expertise in the application of evolutionary methods to real-world problems.
Technology users are engineers, technical staff in general, managers, and decision makers from industry, finance, and all areas of business, who are interested in learning more about what evolutionary computation might do to help them solve their problems.
a short presentation of their expertise and/or a demo of their techniques aimed at an industrial audience.
The event will run on one half day, namely Thursday morning, 12 April, and will comprise a mix of short presentations by both technology providers and users, demos, and face to face meetings.


Participation in evotransfer is included in the general evo* registration. Technology users not interested in attending the other evo* conferences and workshops will have an option to register for the evotransfer event only.
More details about the fees will be published shortly.


Prof. Andrea G. B. Tettamanzi
Università degli Studi di Milano